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Analysis Fees

We, as a Government of Assam Food Laboratory, offer our services at fees notified by an Order by The Governor of Assam dated 13 January, 2021. The following are the Cost of Analyses for different food and water samples. Analysis fees should be deposited along with the sample at the Reception Block, Ground Floor. Present payment mode is Cash Only. One should fill-up a form available at the counter and submit the same with the samples. 

The Analysis Fees has been Revised and the new analysis fees details can be found in the notification below.

Notice Regarding Revised Fees of Analysis


Important information regarding submission of sample of water for testing.

Sample size:

1. Chemical: Minimum 1(one) Litre or 1000mL of water sample in a clean corked bottle must be submitted for analysis of chemical parameters. 

2. Microbiological analysis: The Microbiology section in the lab provides the necessary container (sterile) and procedure for sample submission. Please get in touch with the concerned section before submitting samples for microbiological analysis. For samples in factory sealed pack or bottle, the package can be submitted as it is without tempering the seal.