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Update to Tender Notice of 28th July 2020

The sealed tenders were opened on 18th August 2020 as per the tender notice and the comparative statements for the same are being prepared. All participating vendors will be notified about the final Comparative Statement in due course.

Lockdown due to Covid-19 outbreak

Due to the present situation arising out of the Novel Corona virus outbreak, our Laboratory work is being halted as per Govt of India lockdown order. We are not open to general public for testing of samples at the moment. But, we are still available through email for...

New FSW commissioned

A second Food Safety on Wheels (Mobile Food Testing Laboratory) has been commissioned for the State of Assam by the FSSAI and the FSW is currently being operated by the State Public Health Laboratory, Assam. The Food Analyst to the Govt of Assam, Mr. Anupam Gogoi is...